You Do The HARD Work


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My mere existence is enough to drive you to your knees, dripping, aching, begging.

So you do what you do best and I’ll do what I do best. STROKE and feel My words trickle down your spine like honey, probing your pink pussy-mind like fingers, feel My power lessening yours, watch My tight ass, My juicy tits, My long legs and KNOW that you are pathetic and that I love it.

What I also love is how HARD you work for Me, concentrating on your cock, focused on My voice, losing all control whilst desperately trying to hold on, stroking up and DOWN up and DOWN, it must be HARD to keep on top of all these things for Goddess.

And I just EXIST. No magic words, no special tactics, I simply EXIST and My power radiates out and brings you to your knees. I don’t need to work at being a Goddess, I just AM, poor slave working so HARD, like such a good boy.

My ass in that denim, the empty promise of My pussy…don’t cum, don’t stop, don’t accidentally LET GO completely, lost in Me forever…

Soft, sexy, gentle, deeply manipulative, My power arouses the both of us. But you slave, must be so tired. And orgasm releases so much energy, it would weaken you too much. I think it’s best you stop stroking right now…good boy.

Contains: mind Fuck, sensual domination, goddess worship, mental domination, masturbation encouragement, joi, female domination, femdom pov, NLP, ass worship, tit worship, manipulation, orgasm denial

17 minutes



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