Your Match Fucks on the First Date WMV 720


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Thank you so much for taking me out tonight, I really enjoyed myself and my time with you. And thank you for walking me home & all the way up to my room. Did I mention you’re the first guy I have ever went out with that I met online so I am a little nervous. But, I did have such a good time with you and I really feel a strong connection with you and I know you feel it too because I can see you starting to get hard in your pants as you stare at my tits in my low cut dress. Want to see them? It has been way too long since I have had a real guy, just my toys and I need it so bad. Take your cock out for me, and I want to wrap my lips around it. Feels so good in my mouth. Can I suck your balls too? And tittyfuck? I start to need is so bad I lie back and beg you to eat my aching pussy. I grind it on your face your tongue and fingers feel so good but I need the real thing right this moment. Slide it inside me. I need it deep and hard. It’s ok that you can’t hold back and finish inside me. But, are you gonna call me tomorrow?


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