Zeena & Mila in: Rival Repo Girls Stopped in Their Tracks: Now, They’re About to Get Their Hot, Sexy Asses ‘Fired’! (Custom Cut) (WMV)


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The magnificently silenced young ladies whip frenziedly back and forth, bound securely into uncompromising hogties. Their mouths are taped with vacuum-sealed tightness and they can’t genuinely get out a WORD! Both simmer and seethe, one taken down by the other and now both restrained and gagged, stashed away out of sight. They buck and grind in their ropes, a sense of urgency all too pervasive as their demented captor reveals his plan for them!

(Producer’s Note:) The revised custom scenario featured the girls stashed away in separate rooms, and not too quickly put together. We felt it flowed better as an initial release putting them together, quicker. This now is all of the action, including unseen power-struggling together in an exciting escape bid. With an additional 9 minutes of fun included with the Original Release, this is – the Custom Cut!

Introducing impressive-racked, leggy super-beauty Zeena playing opposite the luscious Mila Amora as opposing repo girls who will not share in their mission. That’s why Mila is jumping poor Mila and leaving her tightly trussed and gagged in a chair, locked away in the General’s study while she hunts down their quarry. What a shame then that it is SHE who is soon hunted down and captured too!

Two arch rivals, in tight little black outfits and stiletto heels – in the repossession business – are jockeying for the top spot in the agency. They are repossessors of top criminals who renege on their government-sanctioned agreements, you see. So, like bounty hunters, only these chicks are bringing in welshers on intelligence gathering promises made, it is their job to apprehend those evil doers the agency must by necessity do some measure of business with. One such being General Onslaught, a fabulously wealthy gang boss who upon retiring from the service, leapt straight into serious crime… as one does. His illustrious past has gotten him more than a few concessions over the years but now he has outlasted his worth to the secret agency and the word is out – bring him in!

It’s one of General Onslaught’s goons, masked and toting. Zeena has no choice but to give it up and is quickly overcome by the bad guy. He frisks her tight bod, paying a little too much attention to her sculpted ass and impressive sweater-clad tits, before leaving her bound and gagged with a  white handkerchief and evidently fetching up Mila to join! With the beauty still VERY tightly cleave gagged, he slaps tape over Zeena’s mouth and leaves them, only to return and, frustrated by Mila’s to cooperate, gags her too with medical tape! Now the hot repo girls struggle, powerless to escape!

With that, the ladies, fuming and ranting behind their sticky tape gags, are trussed up in very snug hogties. Fearing that even worse things might befall them should they not escape, the girls go at it, hard. Wiggling around, stretching as hard as they can and gag talking animatedly to one another, encouraging and more. Some deeply sexy moves follow as these beautiful women go at their rope bonds, and powerless to get out. It’s really cool watching them trying to actually slip out of their wrappings and realising that their arms and legs simply will not budge, so seriously bound down are their limbs to the hard wood of their chairs!

The ladies gag talk magnificently, frequently regarding each other, wide eyed and desperate, before launching back and forth into wince-filled body pops at their bonds. They cannot be faulted for trying hard, but they aren’t getting out. Two challenges – one massive fail. And now they’ll have the evil General to deal with – or how could set light to the place, literally firing the poor dears. Decision, decisions… He could first try again (didn’t go too well back there with that feisty fuck, Mila) extract some info from them (shouldn’t be too hard with them bound and gagged and at his mercy) and then get himself into the further good graces of the boss! Now, back to your intense, desperate struggles, please, Girls. That is what WE want!

***All productions (video & images) & associated bondage scenarios depicted are strictly of a role play and story driven nature and feature fully consenting participants aged over 18 and established safe signals (clearly defined within each fantasy scene) between model(s) and crew are in continual use throughout the production.  Thus, these are pure, tongue in cheek adventuristic fantasy scenarios, without exception fully consensual, contextual and supported by model release to this effect***

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